Vegan Meal Ideas; Dessert


Banana Ice Kream

Cut ripe bananas into chunks and freeze. When you want to serve as ice kream, pop the frozen chunks into your food processor or blender and whizz until smooth. Serve

Ice kream

Swedish Glace is readily available in supermarkets and is vegan. Add some fresh fruits & a sprig of mint; maybe a drizzling of melted plain chocolate aswell!

Vegan cake

Add vegan cream or ice kream

Hot chocolate

Add vegan cream & vegan marshmallows

Banana bread

Serve with ice kream and a soy latte or rooibos

Fruit scone

Add vegan spread & strawberry jam; you can even buy vegan clotted cream

Plain chocolate

Most 70% plus are vegan but always read the label!

Raw chocolates

Get that cacao hit the natural way!

Blondies or brownies

Basically a vegan cake but we'll include a recipe!

We do not recommend fresh fruit in general as an after meal dessert because fruit ferments and if it's eaten after a main meal, it will take a while to get through the digestive process. Whilst the fruit is waiting to be eliminated it will break down & ferment causing wind & bloating.

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