Nourish! Veggie Lasagne

This lasagne should serve 4 generous portions and is a hearty meal to satisfy all apetites. The sauce is really creamy and sets off the gingery, warming sauce nicely. We use gluten free lasagne sheets for added nutritional benefts but feel free to use any kind of pasta you wish.

Takes about 30 minutes to chop veg and prepare the sauces.

40 minutes to cook.

Sauce: Ingredients

2 tbsp olive oil

Half tube of tomato puree

2 cans chopped tomatos

3 onions or handful shallots

3 garlic cloves

2/3 cups chopped veggies; your choice but could include baby corn, courgette, aubergine, carrots, peas, brocolli, mange tout

Drizzle of maple syrup / agave or honey

1 teaspoon dried basil

2 teaspoon dried oregano


black pepper

pack of vegan lasagne (organic, if poss)

1 bag of spinach

Pine cream topping: Ingredients

1 pack non-GM silken tofu

half cup of pine nuts

1 lemon (we only use half so drink the other half in some warm water while you prepare the ingredients)

1 tsp arrowroot

1 clove garlic

pinch of dried nutmeg

Make the sauce: 20 minutes

- Preheat oven to 375 Degrees F

- On a low heat saute thinly chopped onions and minced or chopped garlic in olive oil until onion is translucent

- Add the cans of chopped tomatos and bring to the boil

- Add tomato puree until deep colour and marinara consistency; if too thick, just add some boiling water

- Stir well

- Add chopped veggies; carrot, courgette, sweetcorn, peas and cook 10 minutes

- Take off heat

- Add syrup, ginger, herbs and seasoning to taste

- Make the pine cream topping: 5 minutes

- Place nuts in a food processor

- Squeeze the fresh lemon with a fork letting the juice pour over the nuts

- Blend high speed until creamy

- Add tofu, garlic clove, nutmeg & seasoning

- Re-blend 2 minutes

To assemble: 5 minutes

- In a deep lasagne dish layer a third of the sauce; cover with raw, washed spinach then cover with lasagne sheets

- Repeat twice

- On top layer of lasagne spread the pine nut cream & add a generous sprinkling of nutritional yeast (optional) and oregano

To cook: 40 minutes

- Bake for 40 minutes until top is golden and the veg is tender

To serve:

- Add a generous side salad, baked beans & some wholegrain toast spead with garlic puree and vegan spread or guacamole

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