Nourish! Vurgers aka Veggie Burgers

These patties are amazing; pack them with your favourite seeds, delicious veg and they become powerhouses for your body feeding your immune system and stocking your vitamin supply.

Basic recipe:

- Cut any vegetable into tiny cubes (like half inch) and put into a pan

- Add herbs, oil & garlic

- Cook gently until the veg is tender

- Add seeds, lentils, cooked beans, mustard, soy sauce etc.

- Let cool slightly

- Hand blend to a soft pulp

- Shape and freeze or grill to warm through


- Wholemeal bread, ciabatta or wholemeal pitta or cabbage wrap

- Add some vegan chutney to the bread, slice up quarter of an avocado; add to chutney

- Follow with crisp salad leaves, tomato, red onion & sweetcorn relish

- Put vurger on top

- Pile alfalfa sprouts and grated carrot high up on vurger

- Optional vegannaise and himalayan crystal salt

- Enjoy!


- Sweet potato, red onion and sesame seeds (use any leftover veg to add to your base)

- Carrot, lentil, kidney bean and coriander

- Caramelised onion, red pepper & chickpea (to caramelise onion pop thin slices in a pan with a little oil and brown sugar; cook until tender)

- Brocolli, carrot, spinach & pumpkin seeds

- Beetroot, carrot, sweetcorn & sunflower seeds


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