Nourish! Why vegan?

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Veganism means to refrain from any animal based ingredients; no flesh (meat or fish), no dairy, no eggs, no animal derivatives such as gelatine, animal-based E numbers etc.

The most obvious benefit and the most relevant one to yogi/nis is that veganism is a cruelty-free way of life. No animal has been imprisoned, mistreated, forced to give up its natural right to freedom, stolen from its mother or killed to be served up on our plates or in our cups.

Veganism is a cleaner diet; we are not consuming meat full of antibiotics and growth-inducing hormones and steroids. Vegans are not consuming milk and eggs laced with these cancer-related ingredients.

Veganism helps to reduce the use of the planets water and land reserves as animal raising and factory farming strip the planet’s resources and are extremely wasteful and damaging to our environment.

Veganism has been proven to help reduce the likelihood of cancers, diabetes and heart disease. Studies have shown that vegans have lower blood pressure, are fitter and live for longer.

So to sum it up veganism:

- Makes you healthier

- Saves the planet’s resources

- Is non-harming to animals and reduces thousands of animal’s inhumane suffering

- Is cheaper than eating meat

- Is less toxic (‘cleaner’) as we consume less antibiotics and fats

- Is healthier as we consume more phytonutrients which are immune-boosting

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