Nourish! Guide to veganism

This month we include tips, tricks and general info on how to veganise part or all of your meals. We’ll share tips on eating out, easy snacks whilst you’re on the go, what to look out for and common misconceptions about veganism. You'll find examples of how to plan, shop and create your own exquisite simple meals along with example recipes which are easy to follow. The recipes are generally for two but they can be doubled, tripled or quadrupled and kept refrigerated or frozen as necessary. We have added basic information on organic living, shopping and online retailers that we adore.

We are very plain, simple girls but we like to eat a lot of good, healthy foods. We enjoy variety and we like our desserts. Veganism is not bland. In fact it’s the opposite; when we turned vegan over 10 years ago our taste buds changed; it was like everything turned from black & white to multicolour!

Hopefully this will become a loveable, handy companion to the basics and beyond!

Contents: (published in parts!)


1. What is veganism?

2. Why?

3. How?

4. Meal plans

5. Supplement tips & vitality

6. Rawsome

7. Fave restaurants/cafes/vegan options

8. The next steps: ethical sourcing...recycling...facts

9. Books & charities

10. Happy travelling; Happy Cow

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