What does the word ‘nourish’ actually mean? One search brings up the definition as ‘provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition’ and we love this; in order to feel light, bright, good and clean and fit for your purpose, you need to choose foods that are light, bright, good and clean!

We chose our topics of focus for the first part of the year many months ago and intentionally chose ‘nourish’ after ‘clean’ as the two are interrelated. Choosing a purer diet leads to purer vision which in turn leads to a purer life full of intention and meaning.

So even though this month is focused on nourishment, it really is a continuation of our ‘clean’ theme. Our intention? To feed our minds positive thoughts, our body cleaner, whole, purer foods and our spirits purer emotions and set intentions.

Things to expect over the next coming weeks;

  • A guide on introducing more pure foods into your life

  • More smoothie and juice recipes

  • Restaurant and market stall recommendations & reviews

  • Cookbooks we love

  • Nutrition advice books we love

  • An article on coconut oil & why we love it

  • Positive affirmations and high vibe foods

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