Limania Loves! Daily Greatness Journal


Many years ago I had a vision of how my life would look. I wrote a list over and over of all I wanted to achieve and eventually I realised and achieved things I never would have believed possible before.

The Daily Greatness Journal is just that; it’s a tool for realising all that is great about each day and for creating and making greatness and achieving your goals. This book is quite simply one of the best books I have ever owned. The £35 cost is small in comparison to what it gives back and is one of the best tools I have found for daily inspiration and working out what my dreams are and how to get them.

It sets your focus in positivity and teaches you how to release fears, self-limiting beliefs and setbacks. There’s a whole host of information at the beginning and part of the beauty is that it’s for everyone and anyone. It doesn’t matter if your big dreams are material, emotional, physical or spiritual the questions and planning is applicable to all.

You start off with tips for setting goals and some advice on the 8 daily steps for the whole year ahead; you can start at any time of year. Then there’s advice and help on creating change, ritual and positivity including example affirmations and nudges in the right direction on how to get an idea of what it is you want to achieve; of what success really means to you.

Short paragraphs get to the point succinctly with no messing and is way more powerful than pages and pages of advice and self-help. The advice and encouragement offered is revolutionary and it feels like you’re at the beginning of the most exciting trip ever with the best tour guide to hand.

The advice is realistic; we’re told to expect setbacks and delays but we are encouraged to realise that these are part of our journey; not barriers to it. We are encouraged to never ever give up.

As per my previous article the ‘why’ to a goal is way more important that the ‘what’ or ‘how’ because it’s the whole driving force as to whether you can stay motivated and focused on achieving your goal.

There’s beautiful, encouraging quotes throughout to keep us motivated. We are constantly reminded how to visualise, focus and meditate on our aspirations; its yoga in action each and every day.

The best part for me is the extensive list of ‘self-awareness power questions’ which I intend on revisiting each month at least. This is an opportunity to look at where there’s imbalance in our lives and how happy we truly are as a whole. This is the first part where you really honestly start to get a picture of how your life is and to what direction you are heading. It took me quite a while to journal this part and I was genuinely surprised by what transpired. It becomes very clear which areas of life are unfulfilling so this list is vital in helping us work out our yearly, monthly and daily intentions and plan. Take real time to get deep into this part and write it in a separate journal; I would even recommend doing this part again each month and seeing what shifts occur as you begin to create your life rather than travel blindly through it.

If your work-life-love balance is unfulfilling then you can figure out how and why you need to make some small changes. How can you get enjoyment and satisfaction from life right now, today? How will it make you feel? Why do you need to do this? Get your ‘why’ sorted and the rest will follow.

Example: You’re working 60 hours a week and not seeing your family, partner or friends. You have no time for fun. You’re tired, unhappy, and lonely and feel lost. You’re plodding along life’s path blindly and just getting money in return.

How: So your first daily action for the next 9 days is to take a lunch break each and every day regardless of what work demands of you. You can make a weekly planner organising your workload better and you leave a whole ‘creative’ space free for time with friends and family; maybe a dinner, a movie or a walk in the park.

Why: You’re less tired taking a lunch break and way more productive planning your workload and making time for friends. You get time to reflect on life, have fun and see loved ones. Life is no longer mundane, work feels more rewarding and your family are appreciative of your being there for them.

Goal: ‘I take an hour’s lunch regardless of my workload. I spend this time focussing on anything except work and nourishing my body with good, whole foods. My week plan includes fun time and I embrace adventure and excitement for inspiration and energy’

Reviews and reminders are set each day, week, every 90 days and year. You are constantly encouraged to review and see the positive shifts you have created. Nothing can be as rewarding as practicing intention, gratitude and having direction. What is life if you are not getting every single drop out of it? For me, life really feels lived when I am surrounded by inspiration, good friends, creating recipes, creative writing, dancing, watching the ocean, walking in the fresh air, being with my family, reading and making the very best of every free second I get. Don’t let there be life running through your veins going to waste; grab a copy of this book and invest in your present and your future right now. This very moment.

Oh, and there’s various types of journals out there; I’ve got the Yoga Journal and my sister has the regular Daily Greatness; both contain the same information just in a slightly different format with different quotes and pictures. Choose your journal as you wish, but be sure to get one; they really are invaluable. Check out for more info and be sure to share with your friends and family; let’s change the world by one small step each day.

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