Cleanse; Part 5

Consume less dairy; as above. This includes cheese, milk, yoghurts etc.

  • Lower your intake of alcohol; alcohol affects the body on all levels; we are essentially a little laboratory of many chemical interactions within and to bring alcohol into the equation alters everything. The bad effects of consuming alcohol are well known. Try reducing your intake or if you can, go teetotal to get clean.

  • Stop smoking; cigarette smoke is carcinogenic and so is a direct factor in disease and creating cancerous cells. It does not matter if you are the smoker or not; to inhale the smoke, means that you are at risk and you are infecting your body. Cut down or give it up and add years of clean living and saved money to your life.

  • Cut down on refined sugars and chemical foods; white sugar and white flours have been bleached using manmade chemicals with relatively little knowledge of the effects on our long-term health. They are known to be carcinogenic, cancer causing ingredients. Try to cut down on them by giving up sugar-laden treats like jelly sweets, donuts and biscuits; cook your own using unrefined, more natural sugars like honey, stevia, maple syrup or coconut palm sugar. Replace white flours with wholemeal flours.

  • Cut down on coffee; same as above; try replacing it with chicory. Miss your lattes? Try our alternative;

tea-tes by purchasing a mylk frother and adding frothy mylk to teas instead. Recipe coming soon.

  • Grow your own herbs; they will absorb toxins and encourage you to cook rather than buy shop made food full of nasties and disease promoting ingredients. Plus they will be organic and so clean!

  • Give up eating fish; fish absorb heavy metals, particularly mercury and fat-soluble pollutants from water pollution. Ingesting these means that you absorb all these pollutants and metals. Eat seaweed instead; it tastes similar and is full of beta carotenes, antioxidants and health boosting benefits. I buy mine from the local Chinese wholesalers to make it affordable.

  • Change your cooking oil to a non-carcinogenic; we use coconut oil as its state does not change at high temperatures. All other oils become carcinogenic when at high temperatures so it’s best to use them cold on salads or by the teaspoon for beauty.

  • Eat more phyto-oestrogens; so oestrogen dominant foods and plastics promote the growth of cancerous cells and disrupt our hormones potentially causing endometriosis, fertility problems, mood swings and disease. But plant-based oestrogens actually decrease the risk of cancer and increase our immunity so try to increase your intake of soya like tofu or soya mylk, citrus fruits and alfalfa sprouts which are excellent on salads, curries and as a side with anything.

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