Setting Goals; A Clean Slate

The beginning of a new year is the most popular time to set ourselves new goals like getting healthier, more positive or giving something up that doesn’t serve us.

But more important than the ‘what’ or ‘how’ is the ‘why’. Your intention is the key to your success. The reason for your goal; the outcome, how you will feel, where you will be is the root to whether you will achieve it or not. It’s the fuel to your fire and will be the energy surge and drive to how you place each step on the journey toward your desired destiny.

Setting goals is vital; you cannot take a meaningful journey without having some idea of the direction you want to be heading. Goalposts and timelines may evolve along the way, but that initial map is vital. You may seek money and find love instead realising that love is of more value to you than finance and materialism; that’s all good but initially you need to have some sort of plan in order to find what is valuable to you.

So, first you need to dream up your biggest purpose. What lights your heart up with pure excitement? What puts a smile on your face when you think of achieving it? You can go as deep as you like; you might want to figure out what your purpose is, how you can make a positive difference to others or make the most of your skills and your passion. What gets your heart burning with passion and gives you a sense of drive and enthusiasm?

Don’t worry at this point about how or what as much as why. This is your ultimate destination and from this point, we can sort of work our way backwards to where you are now and start to intend and focus energy toward the goal in simple ways by thought, word and action.

  • Work out your biggest dream and write it down on a piece of paper. Write as if you have achieved it already ‘I have my own successful, popular vegan market stall and this is my full time occupation and supports me on all levels; financially, emotionally and spiritually’

  • Now write what you can do to achieve or work on it right now; you want to lose some weight so you can immediately cut out refined sugars and snacks.

  • Write a short list of intentions every morning to remind and re-set your intention for each day and read it throughout the day as a reminder of your focus ‘I am healthy I am whole I eat 3 meals a day and am satisfied and excited to be in control of my destiny’

  • Keep checking that list each day and keep re-writing it over and over each day; set it in your heart and be able to recall it when you close your eyes. Keep focused even against the odds

  • Each night write down how you felt, what you achieved and keep checking in with your progress; this might be a weekly weigh-in, a budget checker, creative writing progress, whatever you choose to see as goalposts and small steps toward your goal

  • Keep this up without fail and fully, truly believe you can and will be all you desire; the best you ever

We are like little radio transmitters emitting positive or negative energies and what you put out there, eventually returns back to you. Keep telling the universe what it is you wish to achieve and somehow the universe will fulfil your desires and give you signs and snippets of success to move you onto the correct path. Like I said, things may shift and your values may change, but have complete trust and faith that you are capable of achieving whatever it is you desire. The only difference between a success and a failure is the degree to which you believe in your purpose and the reason, the purpose behind that goal in the first place.

Have faith and have fortitude. Be clear about why you want your goal; remember and envision how you will feel, where you will be, how it can increase your capacity to serve you and to serve others. Be present and watch as the universe will conspire to give you what you desire.


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