Cleanse; Part 4

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  • Swap cow’s milk for mylk; in order to keep up with the demand for milk, modern intensive farming methods feed the cows vast amounts of growth-promoting hormones and antibiotics. These directly affect your body when you consume the cow’s milk and have been proven to contribute to lower immunity hence contributing to disease and illness. Milk affects your hormone levels and could be the cause of fertility and hormone related diseases. The antibiotics you absorb through milk consumption mean that antibiotics are no longer as effective when you are treating a virus by prescribed antibiotics. Milk also increases mucus and makes it more difficult for the body to get clean. Humans are the only animals on the planet to continue to drink milk beyond infancy and we are the only animals to drink the milk of another animal. Current farming methods are all aimed at quantity and not quality and some research shows terrifying results of milk aimed for human consumption being laced with chemicals and antibiotics at alarming levels that you would not consume given the choice and the correct information. Shop bought or homemade mylks are best and any mylk will suffice such as almond, soya, coconut, hemp or rice. All are plant-based and so are full of disease-fighting phytonutrients and antioxidants and all are easy to digest (unlike cow’s milk). If you absolutely have to drink cow’s milk then I would recommend you choose organic milk from free range, pasture fed cows as they will not have been fed hormones, antibiotics and other nasties which will cause you harm. But I have to stress that after much research and having given up cow’s milk for over ten years, I truly believe that getting clean requires you to give up cow’s milk entirely.

  • Go organic; modern farming again is all about quantity and crops are sprayed with hundreds of chemicals in the form of pesticides to increase yields. These manmade chemicals have not been tested for very long and new ones are being introduced to farming all the time without the true research into their long-term effects on us or our environment. It kind of says it all that if a certain pesticide can kill millions of insects then our constant, heavy intake of such chemicals may not be very good for our own bodies in the long-run. Our healthy cells and bacteria suffer from toxicity and chemical overload. Add to this that a lot of foods are genetically modified in order to increase flowers, seeds, colour variation, meat yield and wool yield from sheep. Organic foods use no pesticides and no GM so is healthier and the cleanest offer available. Can’t afford organic? Make small changes like swapping your carrots or strawberries and be sure to wash all non-organic veg and fruits in a vegetable wash or dilute 2 tbsp vinegar in 2 cups of water and scrub the foods clean. Just try your very best. If you eat meat and dairy, organic is imperative for your health; think quality over quantity and eat less but better quality organic, corn or pasture fed and free range. Avoid factory farmed, poorly treated, chemically loaded animals and by-products. I avoid all meat and dairy to live clean.

  • Give up the microwave; again, these leak lethal radiation and stop your body from performing optimally. Start planning meal times better; steam, grill and bake foods rather than nuke or fry them.

  • Eat more vegetables and more fruit; aim for at least 7 generous portions per day. Veg and fruits contain antioxidant vitamins A, B, C and E which are proven to fight diseases and boost your health and immunity providing you with more energy and vitality. Snack on seeds and nuts to keep you going and feed your skin, hair and nails to better health and beauty.

  • Filter your water; if you can afford it and you are house owner, then fitting a filter under the kitchen sink means you get cleaner, more nutrient rich, less chemical laced water. For those of us who don’t fit in that category, try your best to filter using a Brita jug or such like. If you prefer bottled water, always aim for a reusable glass bottle as opposed to the plastic ones as plastics leach manmade chemicals which are hormone disruptors and have been linked to causing cancer. Plus plastic can take anywhere between 300 to 500 years to degrade. Our preferred method is to filter where possible but remember to change the filters regularly otherwise they just don’t work at taking the nasties out of water.

  • Smoothie and juice more; make it so that you are aiming to have 3 parts veg to 1 part fruit so that you aren’t increasing your blood sugar too much. Juicing or having raw smoothies is a supreme way to feed your body all disease, illness fighting, heath and beauty boosting antioxidants, adaptogen, vitamins and minerals necessary for your body to be clean and efficient.

  • Clean your veg and fruit; either use a veggie cleaner specifically aimed at removing the nasty pesticides or if you can’t afford that then make your own wash by adding a couple of tablespoons of vinegar to a sink full of water and scrubbing and cleaning the foods well before preparing for consumption. Avoid kitchen towelling the fruits and veg as this wastes papers made from trees (so contributes to a cleaner environment; remember our largest organ is the skin).

  • Reduce foods sitting in plastic; cling film and plastic tubs, plastic bags and containers are bad news for our bodies as they release harmful chemicals into our foods. Plastic is a hormone disruptor and releases oestrogen into foods and substances which is anti-clean and causes our body’s natural processes to be disrupted. Unless you are picking the fruits and veg yourself, unfortunately there is little to no chance that we can avoid plastic containers. But take a tip from us; as soon as you can, unwrap everything that is in plastic and re-store either in a cardboard box, naked or in paper bags. We re-use one large cardboard box over and over for all our weekly veg. We have a ritual of unwrapping everything and storing it neatly either in the fridge or the box so that the veg and fruit can breathe and hopefully this act reduces the chemical absorption which could cause us harm. Never heat anything in plastic and do not wrap foods in cling film.

  • Consume less meat; as above, modern farming means that animals are fed antibiotics, medications, growth-promoting hormones (which disrupt our hormones; is it any wonder we have higher levels of obesity and girls are menstruating at younger ages?) and chemicals to boost their growth, fat, meat and wool yields. These chemicals are not good for your body and they are directly linked to every disease mentioned in Part 1 of this article. Trying to cut down to white meat is a step in the right direction. Perhaps try to incorporate more vegetarian dishes as a regular and then eat organic, free range meats once or twice a week. Any reduction will be a boost to your health. Think quality over quantity. Eventually give it up completely.

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