Cleanse: Part 3

  • Buy more houseplants as they literally absorb carbon dioxide and any nasty toxic chemicals that have been used around the house (bleach, cleaners and perfumes) and exchange it with fresh, nutrient rich oxygen. Aim for one or two houseplants in each room for optimum cleanliness.

  • Use non chemical household cleaners; better still make your own! See Part 1 for why we should reduce our use of manmade chemicals. We recommend brands like Method, Ecozone, Ecover and Dr. Bronner’s for household general cleaners. You can easily make your own; adding a few tablespoons of white vinegar to 2 cups of water makes a great glass cleaner, 10 -15 drops of eucalyptus, lemon and tea tree to 2 cups of water makes a great household cleaner and you can use baking powder to make numerous stain removers.

  • Use less technology; TV, mobile phones and computers all emit radiation linked to causing negative emotions and/or detrimental effects on our health. Reduce your time spent on them. A nice chunk of rose quartz is handy to put near these objects as it absorbs some of the radiation. Try to use mobile headphones to answer calls or listen to music rather than putting the headset against your ear and do not keep mobile phones in your pockets; keep them in your bag if you are out. Reducing time spent on these items is also kinder to your straining eyes and means you can be headache free. Added bonus; you get more time to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’!

  • Get outdoors every day; let your skin breathe and absorb nutrient rich, life providing oxygen and vitamin D from the Sun. Pus get an optimistic outlook; one of the most important elements on keeping clean.

  • Yoga or exercise every day; whether it’s breathing, meditation, asana, running, jumping or skipping; it all gets your heart pumping, your blood pumping and the digestive, circulatory and eliminative systems fired up which means you are getting cleansed and detoxified.

  • Clean thoughts; to think positively and have a happy outlook has a positive effect on our health so always visualise and aspire to be healthy and happy. Practice yoga and do things you love often; run, paint, play or listen to your favourite music and enjoy your life to the full. Cats and dogs are good companions and show us how to live and appreciate the good life!

  • Scrape your tongue; clears away bacteria and toxic debris from the mouth.

  • Don’t wear toxic nail polish; Zoya are a good non-chemical brand to use. Putting nasties on your body means that traces will enter your body and bloodstream and weaken your body’s optimum functioning. Buy a buffer instead and buff your nails to shine beautifully.

  • Body brush; more on this can be found in an article on ‘Limania Loves’.

  • Increase probiotics; take a capsule supplement as they boost the beneficial bacteria necessary to fight infections and viruses and so boost your immunity and body’s protection defences.

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