Liquid Green Challenge; Body Brushing!


Dry body brushing is an amazing, inexpensive, easy way to get smooth, sexy, glowing skin all year round. What woman does not want skin like a Victoria’s Secret model?! So many of us turn to ‘scrubs’ to exfoliate but these are often loaded on chemicals and don’t work at a very deep level. Body brushing not only removes dead skin cells but it works on an inner level aswell as the outer level, breaking up fatty deposits, aiding lymphatic drainage and detoxification and stimulating circulation. So just 10 minutes a day added to your morning routine;

  • Helps combat cellulite

  • Increases energy

  • Gives smooth, sexy skin

  • Exfoliates and removes dry skin

  • Encourages fresh, new healthy skin

  • Stimulates blood cells increasing nutrients to cells

  • Improves lymphatic drainage carrying toxins and waste out of the body

  • Feels amazing

One of the main reasons to body brush is to aid our lymphatic drainage so let’s elaborate on this. The lymphatic system branches out around the body carrying toxins from our bloodstream passing through the lymph nodes which act as filters. They collect and destroy toxins and viruses before the lymph carries on the base of the neck where it re-enters back into our bloodstream.

Our main lymph nodes are;

  • Armpits (think next time you place a chemical deodorant here)

  • Groin

  • Chest

  • Neck

The lymph system has three intertwined functions which are;

  • To remove excess bodily fluids from our tissues (helps reduce puffiness)

  • Removal of fatty acids. The lymph transports these to the circulatory system; helps to reduce cellulite

  • Produces immune cells to fight bacteria so keeps us healthy and strong

To summarise, the lymphatic system plays a huge part in keeping us healthy internally and externally. Body brushing plays a major role in keeping it flowing.

You can buy body brushes from most chemists or health shops. I can highly recommend Elemis and Neal’s Yard Remedies. Start with a soft bristle and work up to a firmer one over time.

So now we know why, how do we make this a daily ritual?

Start at the feet; brush over the sole of one foot several times toward the toes. Move onto the top of the foot brushing upwards toward the ankle. Then stroke ankle to knee in upward directions over the knee. Then knee to top of thigh towards the groin. Outer legs then backs of legs. Now do the other leg.

Move onto the buttocks towards the shoulders always brushing several times over the same stroke. Take circular clockwise motions around the stomach. Gently move from the neck down to the chest; be extra gentle here as it’s sensitive. Then to the hands; start with one palm; moving up from fingers to wrists. Tops of the hands up to the shoulders and all around the arms; strokes moving toward your heart. Then the shoulder; take clockwise motions here. Now to the other arm. Then you are finished. Notice the skin and body feeling tingly and alive and be grateful that you spent 5 to 10 minutes out of your day to aid your body in its detoxification.

It’s nice to follow the ritual with a warm shower followed by a blast of cold water. And then apply coconut oil liberally; wait for the oil to sink in before getting dressed and ready for your day.

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