Liquid Green Challenge; A Hold Your Hand Guide!

  • How much liquid green should I drink per day?

  • We are aiming to have our smoothie instead of our regular breakfast; or as a breakfast if you normally skip this meal. So you can have much as you need. Do not go hungry! I personally drink about 16 - 24 oz. per day.

  • Can I pre-make a batch and store it?

  • Absolutely; I recommend this. The advantage of making a large batch is that you save time and it's more convenient than having to clean all your equipment often. Unlike juice, the smoothie will keep covered in the fridge for about 2 and a half days. You might also want to freeze portions and defrost overnight for the following day.

  • Why liquid green veg smoothies and not fruit juices?

  • This is the best way to incorporate large amounts of greens into your diet. 1 serving is about 3 cups of dark leafy greens which have more valuable vitamins than any other food group on the planet. Greens have high amounts of excellent quality easily assimilated amino acids; the building blocks of proteins. Just look at a gorilla who lives mainly on raw greens and see the muscle mass on this planet's strongest animals.

  • There are lots of nutrients in the plant walls and blending breaks these down making it easier for us to digest and absorb as we tend not to chew as much as our gorilla friends!

  • Why not a fruit smoothie?

  • Our smoothie has both veg and fruit to make it appealing to the taste buds of us all! The fruit will give us that initial sugar rush; a little burst of energy and the green veg will sustain us and balance out our blood sugars. Ultimately, the less fruit, the better but we have worked all the equations and hard stuff out for you on this challenge.

  • If you suffer from candida, please let me know and I will send through a smoothie with a slightly lower sugar content.

  • What’s the best ratio of fruit to veg?

  • Optimum ratio that I like to stick to is 4 veg to 1 fruit but this is something to work toward. The more veg, the more sustainable your smoothie will be with no hunger pangs due to sugar dips. But fruit is necessary to make the drinks palatable; especially for liquid green virgins!

  • Will I suffer any detox symptoms?

  • These liquids are seriously detoxifying; they sweep the whole digestive tract and flush your system clear of toxins. Drinking it first thing in the morning kick starts your whole day and helps you to make healthier choices throughout the day. As for detoxification symptoms, remember that your body is constantly detoxifying; it's breaking down sugars, chemicals, toxins and fats and shifting everything through and out of your system trying to retain all the good vitamins, minerals and fats for regeneration and vitality. The liver's sole function is to ensure that your body is constantly cleaning up the system to support all functions. The healthier you are in your daily food choices, exercise patterns and general outlook, the less pressure on your liver to detoxify.

  • So if you are replacing a less healthy breakfast then you may notice some withdrawal symptoms or symptoms of the body releasing toxins such as fatigue, headaches, feeling bloated, wind or changes in your skin and moods. Remember the body becomes addicted to things that aren't necessarily good for us such as sugar, wheat, salt and saturated fats so the green liquids may help to clear these out and you may notice the effects of this.

  • Symptoms should disappear within a few days but ways to deal with them is to practice deep breathing, meditation, take it easy on the first few days of the plan; maybe start on a weekend. Hot baths with essential oils or Epsom salts and lying with your legs elevated may help. Remember to get at least 8 hours good sleep and try to healthily throughout the rest of the day to help get the body into a good alkaline balance.

  • Also, one of my best tips is to drink a lot of warm water with fresh lemon slices. We should aim to drink 8 good sized glasses per day; this will help flush toxins through quickly and so lessen the length of any symptoms you may get.

  • When should I drink the smoothie?

  • Aim to have the liquid at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before any other foods. This allows good absorption of the vitamins and nutrients and lets it pass through your system without interference from more complex foods which can interrupt or change the digestion process.

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