2015! My goals!

So a new year is here and athough I don't strictly follow the regular calender (for me the New Year started officially on Winter Solstice) I like to use this time to check in and get my life in order.

This year I am using the uber-awesome Daily Greatness Yoga Journal to keep checking in and keeping my intentions real (more on this later this month), a diary and journal to organise and log thoughts, feelings and aspirations.

Any thing we do is every thing we do.

We create our lives through every thought, word and deed.

Sometimes it's like we see our destination but the journey to it can seem really difficult and dangerous; like swimming to an island but having to face dangerous oceans and lands first. The tip to acheiving the life you want is firstly knowing exactly what it is that you want (where you want to be); what will set the inner flame on fire. But then you have to figure out the directions or overall map to that destination. And then you need to plan each step to the destination. Along the way you need to have complete faith that you will arrive there. You need to keep checking in on that map. And you need to actively take those small steps.

Obstacles lie on our paths to test your degree of faith in attaining your goals so keep at it no matter what.

It doesn't have to be sunny to be at the beach.

If your ship won't come to you, then swim out to it.

Be fearless, let go of self-limiting beliefs and negativity. Use the next year to make some space by letting go of old junk in your trunk (metaphorically and literally!).

You can do this.

Just believe.

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