Liquid Green Challenge! The recipe!

Green is the new gold! LIQUID GREEN 30 DAY CHALLENGE:

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So, we hope that you may be up for the 30-day challenge! If you want to feel more energetic, cleaner, leaner and boost your immune system so you can effectively fight colds, illness and disease, there is no better way than adding these little shots full of phytonutrients straight into your system.

The aim is to drink the smoothie first thing every single day for 30 consecutive days. You can have it instead of or aswell as your regular breakfast but we recommend that you leave 30 minutes before eating so your body can digest and sweep up plenty of the goodness without interference.

We will be participating from Jan 2nd to Jan 31st but you can take the challenge any time you choose. The recipe is basic, cheap and easy to make. You can drink straight away or store in a flask with a copule of ice cubes and drink it throughout the morning. Liquid green can be stored in the fridge for 2 to 3 days but is best made fresh. If you are stuck for time, chop up the veg a couple of days ahead and put them in the freezer then each morning just pop straight into your blender and enjoy cold liquid greens.

Here's the recipe so you can get prepared. We recommend a proper blender, however a little stick blender does the job too....maybe just add a little more water and a little more effort ;) GREEN GODDESS SMOOTHIE:

Generous 1 person serving or 2 small Half cup of water Generous handful of spinach 3 sticks celery 1 head of romaine lettuce 1 green apple 1 banana Pop the spinach & lettuce in your blender or a high side container Add water & blend until smooth Add the celery, banana & apple Enjoy straightaway or add some ice cubes and store/sip for the next few hours Options: -swap the lettuce for kale - using a stick blender? swap the apple & celery for some berries (frozen is an option) of your choice - use strawberries or defrosted blueberries instead of a green apple - add half an avocado for extra skin benefits & creaminess - add a teaspoon of hemp oil, avocado oil, coconut oil (our fave!) or flaxseed oil - a teaspoon of bee pollen for an antioxidant, sweet kick - a squeeze of lemon juice gives a detox kick Rules: - drink 1st thing in the morning at least 30 minutes before anything else - no other changes are needed to your daily regime - use organic if you can afford it. If not wash the veg/fruit thoroughly (if possible use a 'veg wash' of some kind to remove pesticides or add 2 tbsp vinegar to a sink full of water and scrub clean) - journal daily; notice for signs of changes in emotions, skin, mood, stamina & overall wellbeing - follow for 30 consecutive days - if you are eating your normal brekkie aswell, be sure to allow 30 minutes before eating - drinking warm water & lemon throughout the day will boost the effects of the smoothie We will be publishing a weekly newsletter throughout January to support & encourage your participation to including tips on detoxifying and simple, cheap ways to get the body and skin of a god or goddess!

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