30-Day Liquid Green Challenge! Upcoming!

Many years ago we attended a retreat on the quiet side of Ibiza and were introduced to the benefits of juicing and green smoothies; we regularly have a juice and/or green smoothie and know the transformative power that they hold. So we are pleased to announce a 30-day live liquid challenge for the whole of January 2015.

Want to take part? It’s super easy, you won’t need to change your regular diet and you’ll reap benefits beyond belief. Starting on 2nd Jan right through to 31st Jan we will be providing you with one green smoothie recipe for the entire duration which you need to make and drink before (or instead of) your regular breakfast. That’s it! The challenge is in keeping to the plan of making it and drinking it and journaling any differences over the 30 days. All you need to take part is:

  • A stick blender (about £10 from major supermarkets) or a regular blender

  • Some fresh vegetable ingredients…we will email out the recipe mid-December

  • A notepad or journal to log any observations in

You’ll receive a weekly newsletter packed with detoxification tips and juicing advice. Plus we will be tweeting regular tips via @limanialoves daily and Instagramming via @LimaniaLoves!

We decided on a smoothie as opposed to a juice as a juicer can be an expensive piece of kit but the benefits will be equal if not beyond a regular ‘juice’ fast. So start the new year the right way and notice differences such as clearer skin, weight loss and higher energy levels; guaranteed!

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