Limania Loves!

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Welcome to my little piece of cyberspace. This is the place where I hope to share with you all the things that my sister and I love. If you are looking for a more natural way of living, to find a deeper connection to your nature and for tips and tricks to get cleaner, leaner, stronger, longer and toned, then hopefully this little space will encourage and assist you.

We all evolve just as day turns into night, so over time I might update or add to pieces of information and articles that we share with you but I promise that anything I share with you is what I practice and participate in myself. This blog is about being authentic. Wherever I get the pleasure to travel in the world, I hope to share all the wisdom I learn and to tweet, instagram and share articles about it along the way. I would love for you to check in every now and then.

Expect recipes, tips on cleansing, nourishing and stretching your body, mind and soul and plenty of recommendations be it books, restaurants, juices, holidays or playlists!

The light in me honours the light in you; Namaste, Keira xx