September 3, 2017

The universe conspires to manifest your desires.

Discomfort. It’s not a word that you would necessarily associate with the light-providing gifts of Yoga, and not a word we would normally choose to focus on. As mentioned in previous posts, thoughts are things and we should strive to focus on that which we want to bring into our lives. S...

May 13, 2016

Dive within meditation 

Let the breath wash you clean

Meditation is accessible to all. It's just sitting and being still, turning your attention inwards. Listening to the sounds of the soul. Watching thoughts pass like clouds in the sky. Feeling the heartbeat like waves in the ocean. 

My advice to finding your Way to bliss (Ananda)? Take...

May 9, 2016

Switch Off the TV

Regain your life

Create time

Back in 2012 I had minimal goods as a result of a deep desire for Union through Yoga, however I still owned a TV which I used to watch a weekly movie. As I read The Camino by Shirley Maclaine, I delved deep into where my desires were planted and I discovered that TV is constantly selling us...

May 1, 2016


How to prescribe daily
rituals for true inner joy

Whilst away in Norfolk in 2012 I felt hugely inspired by a book I was gifted called The Camino by Shirley Maclaine. Dame Shirley journals about her spiritual pilgrimage along the Santiago Di Compostela in Spain which ultimately transpires to be a journey to within. She exposes...

February 8, 2016


You are worthy....
But you have to truly believe

I wonder if you really feel like you deserve to achieve and gain all you desire?

Do you truly believe you deserve the happiness you seek? 

It may seem an odd question but I know that until I told myself that I was worthy and really started to feel that I deserved the life I aspire...

May 31, 2015


Meditation....the mermaid-art of diving deep into the ocean of your consciousness.


An art perfected by practice, persistence and dedication.


Like diving into an ocean; sometimes the surface seems tricky. But beneath all is calm.


One month we will focus on the art of Dhyana (meditation) in full.


But for now, remember that the perfecti...

May 11, 2015


The whole world consists of energy. Every single fibre of existence is vibrating particles of light and space. The gaps between the light and space appears to be darkness. There are many laws at play to keep this beautiful creation alive; even on our tiny, spinning, orbiting planet we have the laws of gravity, quantum physics and mos...

May 7, 2015

Our Appearance


Perfection is not a honed body, a beautiful, creaseless face or material wealth as social media and the Press would have us believe. In ancient times the aged, wrinkled adults were worshipped and honoured as wise sages. Their life experience was looked to as an example by the younger generation. Every line on their face...

March 18, 2015


How to be present at all times:


If you are ever lucky enough to read any of the ancient Hindu or Yogic texts then you will realise pretty quickly that the true purpose and method of yoga is in being present in each and every moment.


The moving your body and detoxifying is just really part of a preparation to get you 'clean and clear'...

March 18, 2015

We believe its super-duper important to always choose organic where possible. As vegans we consume way above average vegetables and fruits when compared with the omnivorous diet. You may not be aware but farmers want to get a high yield of their crops and therefore spray the vegetable and fruit crops with poisons to kill and detract a...

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