February 28, 2015

For 2 generous servings.

Takes 10 minutes prep & 40 mins to cook.



2 small sweet potatoes diced

1 inch fresh ginger minced

fresh rosemary, chopped

fresh thyme, chopped

1 parsnip, cut into chunks

2 carrots, cut into chunks

2 red onions, halved and peeled

2 whole garlic bulbs; cut the tops off but leave the paper on

green beans, halve...

February 26, 2015

Banana Ice Kream

Cut ripe bananas into chunks and freeze. When you want to serve as ice kream, pop the frozen chunks into your food processor or blender and whizz until smooth. Serve


Ice kream

Swedish Glace is readily available in supermarkets and is vegan. Add some fresh fruits & a sprig of mint; maybe a drizzling of melted plain choco...

February 26, 2015

Edamame salad RECIPE TO FOLLOW

Add avocado, hummus, sprouts & seeds


Veggie lasagne with salad, sprouts and seeds RECIPE TO FOLLOW

Add garlic bread, hummus & roasted beetroot


Cheats tagine with salad, sprouts and seeds

Add quinoa, couscous, brown rice or cauliflower rice and vegan naan


Sweet potato curry with brown rice RECIPE TO FOLLOW


February 23, 2015

Houmous, avocado & salad tortilla wrap, pitta, sandwich, collard wrap or whole grain roll


Add olives & carrot with some vegannaise. Serve with a side of 'pop chips', crisps or dehydrated kale chips. Add mixed leaves and a drizzle of oil topped with seeds (pumpkin, sunflower or alfalfa) for an omega boost


Marmite & tomato tortilla wrap...

February 11, 2015

These patties are amazing; pack them with your favourite seeds, delicious veg and they become powerhouses for your body feeding your immune system and stocking your vitamin supply.


Basic recipe:


- Cut any vegetable into tiny cubes (like half inch) and put into a pan

- Add herbs, oil & garlic

- Cook gently until the veg is tender

- Add se...

January 22, 2015

Want a green juice as opposed to the Green smoothie? Here's an uber quick recipe but you will need a juicer for this little shot of heaven ;)


Whole bunch of celery

Whole cucumber

1 x apple

1 x romaine lettuce

Inch chunk of ginger or fennel or a pinch of parsley


Depending on your juicer, you may need to chop your veg & fru...

January 22, 2015

This little shake tastes amazing, is easy to make and is like diving into a pool of the deepest, richest chocolate cacao heaven imaginable. Give it a go!

1cup almond mylk

1 small ripe banana; yellow with brown dots is best!

1 tsp raw almond butter

1 tsp raw cacao powder

1 tsp green powder (used super eleven @super11shake)

Pop all ingredient...

January 1, 2015

  • How much liquid green should I drink per day?

  • We are aiming to have our smoothie instead of our regular breakfast; or as a breakfast if you normally skip this meal. So you can have much as you need. Do not go hungry! I personally drink about 16 - 24 oz. per day.


  • Can I pre-make a batch and store it?

  • Absolutely; I r...

December 29, 2014

Green is the new gold!

So, we hope that you may be up for the 30-day challenge! If you want to feel more energetic, cleaner, leaner and boost your immune system so you can effectively fight colds, illness and disease, there is no better way than adding these little shots full of phytonutrients straight i...

December 28, 2014

Many years ago we attended a retreat on the quiet side of Ibiza and were introduced to the benefits of juicing and green smoothies; we regularly have a juice and/or green smoothie and know the transformative power that they hold. So we are pleased to announce a 30-day live liquid challenge for the whole of January 2015.


Want to take p...

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