July 13, 2017

We are energy

We ripple and pulsate

We are all energy; pulsating and vibrating at different frequencies according to our thoughts, feelings and actions.

If you want to lift the world's energy and restore peace and compassion, then you must open your heart to love.

Love is the highest frequency.


True, raw love.

It will feel pai...

April 28, 2016


Look up
Look inward

At the dawn of time

through the darkness

and silence of the universe

the first breath was heard.

It reached across infinity

and breathed life

into the first vestiges of humanity.

Carrying the eternal spark of divinity,

it filled all of life with hope and purpose.

As I watch the ocean

I can see the planet breathe,


May 14, 2015

All of us will suffer difficult times; confusion, fear, loss and suffering.

But the ancient yogis taught us that life is perfect exactly as it is. Light cannot exist without darkness.

We must embrace the light and the shadow in equal measure for each is part of one another.


Try to drop your association and perception of ‘pain’ versus ‘p...

May 11, 2015


The whole world consists of energy. Every single fibre of existence is vibrating particles of light and space. The gaps between the light and space appears to be darkness. There are many laws at play to keep this beautiful creation alive; even on our tiny, spinning, orbiting planet we have the laws of gravity, quantum physics and mos...

March 18, 2015


Chakras are part of the esoteric, energetic body. While Western anatomy deals with muscles, organs, tissues and fascia,  Eastern anatomy deals with the parts we can not see. Some argue that if we  can not touch, see or feel the energetic system, then it does not exist. But our very essence, our soul, our thoughts, our emotions can no...

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