May 13, 2017

Unteach the teachings

Breathe Believe Receive


we write to you from the ocean. having attained a life (or more) times dream.

we now live with an ocean view no more than 500 metres from our windows. we are living our dreams.

and it feels vast, magical and deeply divine.

we want to share a secret; any thing is possi...

November 5, 2015

Falling is flying
Faith means we get back up again

Falling into the breath takes us to places we never even knew existed.

At the end of yogasana (the physical practice) you should feel lighter and clearer because you just let the heaviness and clutter within literally fall away into the earth and leave you. No longer weighed down by fea...

March 18, 2015


Chakras are part of the esoteric, energetic body. While Western anatomy deals with muscles, organs, tissues and fascia,  Eastern anatomy deals with the parts we can not see. Some argue that if we  can not touch, see or feel the energetic system, then it does not exist. But our very essence, our soul, our thoughts, our emotions can no...

March 18, 2015


How to be present at all times:


If you are ever lucky enough to read any of the ancient Hindu or Yogic texts then you will realise pretty quickly that the true purpose and method of yoga is in being present in each and every moment.


The moving your body and detoxifying is just really part of a preparation to get you 'clean and clear'...

March 12, 2015


Yoga teaches us how to be who we really are in every moment. To be fully present and aware. To allow the mind and ego; the fog or avidya to dissolve and for our vision of the true self to be real and clear.


Setting goals and having purpose and focus is a strong way of gaining the most out of what precious little time we have. The law...

March 8, 2015


What brings light into your life? Is it someone, something or somewhere? Now is the time to honour that person or place in your heart and spend time figuring out how to dispel any darkness. Positivity and creative visualisation are so, so important. Like for like. We attract back what we put out there. Think positive and you'll get p...

March 6, 2015

We have been going to Inspiral since it opened and believe us when we say they make some seriously good food; not only does it taste amazing but the ingredients are unbelievably good for you. This little café has such sound ethics in sustainability and conservation of our planet’s resources. It has a genuine feel-good vibe and you can...

March 3, 2015


The secret to the path of enlightenment lies within the word light you seek, that warm, cosy feeling of completeness, clarity and space exists at all time from deep down. Inside your heart, your soul; the unconsciousness.


When all turns dark...turn within.


This month we share our favourite...

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