O U R  E X P E R I E N C E

Having practiced with numerous world-renowned and lesser-know magical yoga facilitators at Triyoga, Alchemy, Jivamukti and beyond, we explored for many years before training. We played with many styles; Iyengar, Ashtanga, Anusara and then Jivamukti. 

We didn't attend teacher trainings to 'teach'; we just wanted to learn more about the practice.

Our greatest teachings have always been those gifted by life and nature.

Our background crafted our teachings and transformation and it continues to have impact.

We are keen to create space for people to remember how to 'feel' again and to recognise that flow is essential. It's really like a 'Happiness Prescription' for us; we share ingredients that can make life brighter and more meaningful. This practice is intensely challenging and the reason we call our sessions 'Lilavati' (Play Light in Sanskrit) is because a heavy dose of lightness is required to get through the practice and all it reveals.

O U R  S T Y L E

We teach Vinyasa; to move synchronistically with breath; so, we flow. Sessions aren't static and even our Yin sessions (which involve pausing in poses for a longer time) involve elements of movement. We do not teach traditional sun salutations or any set sequences. 

We tend to teach a similar flow over a month and we craft sequences from our self-practice.

Our method is slow and strong; it can be challenging and provides space to explore; there are always options; so participants choose the levels/flavours they want to explore. We provide a safe space; with a focus on alignment and a deep respect for the traditional lineage of Yoga. 


Training is important and you can be safe in knowing that we are both Yoga Alliance trained and qualified, fully insured and forever learning.


A list of teacher trainings we have participated won't really mean anything as life crafts the understanding of this art and our delivery of the teachings. 

We are inspired by many.

But mostly by nature; the immense oceans, edges of earth, the depths of it all; sky, sea, trees. 

We love music and magic.


Keira is certified advanced and has studied with numerous world-renowned teachers.

Currently 550 hr Yoga Alliance qualified; having spent much time living in India, she is inspired by travel, nature, creativity and explorations on and beyond the mat. Her sessions are slinky, wild and she makes simple feel strong. She weaves classes like art and leaves you feeling reconnected. Many have described her as magic.


Maia has also studied with hundreds of teachers and is currently 300 hour Yoga Alliance trained. She believes that the healing power of Yoga will change the world. She loves to read and is deeply inspired by poetry, music and nature. Her sessions are playful and she likes to sprinkle philosophy throughout. Students are inspired by her stories.


All lilavati sessions incorporate elements of the traditional practices of Yoga; Sanskrit language, chanting and philosophy. All are delivered with a fresh approach and a recognition of this modern, fast-paced world. They are open to all 'levels'.


LILAVATI means ‘to play lightly’ and encompasses our approach to life both on, and off, the mat.


Keira & Maia Limania are sisters.


Both trained in Vinyasa Flow, Prana Flow, Core Vinyasa, Pregnancy & Yin Yoga.


Both continuously training & learning on & off the mat.


Most importantly, both are in love with, and dedicated to the practice.


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